You’ll see Health Coach Barb Hegge’s face around Tree of Life often as she works to help organize classes and events. If you’re hungry to learn, come in and glean valuable information about all the healing modalities available to you. Barb is passionate about teaching and education and is inspired by being able to connect people with individualized healing resources.

Barb is thrilled to be able to learn from all the practitioners present at Tree of Life, and continue on her own health and wellness journey!

Below is a short Bio Barb has written, sharing her passion and background in her own words:

“Wellness, to me, means looking at the body holistically as mind, body, and spirit…considering all parts as they affect the whole person, not just the absence of physical disease or illness. The beauty of Tree of Life is the wide offering of health practitioners and modalities that work together to help in achieving optimal wellness. As a certified health coach, wellness coordinator, and passionate educator, I find fulfillment in helping others uncover ways to live happier, healthier lives. Whether teaching on the critical importance of a good nutritional foundation or introducing modalities such as thermography, allergy elimination, and sound therapy, I enjoy helping others understand their options and find the right tools to live life to the fullest.”

A huge believer in prevention, Barb gets excited when people come to her out of inspiration to change, rather than desperation. There’s so much power in the individual to change when they are already self-inspired. Even if you’re not physically in pain, there are so many things you can work toward at an emotional or mental level, to improve your health and wellbeing.

Growing up, Barb’s family owned a wellness clinic in Wisconsin. She remembers being the kid who’s family practices were always a little bit out of the ordinary. But there has been a turn in the tide – now these alternative healing methods are becoming more mainstream and there are so many healing modalities out there for us all to try! What may not work for someone else may be just what you need.

As Barb plans classes and events, her goal is simply to provide information for people to self-educate and become more aware of their options. “People might know about acupuncture, for example, but they may not know about thermography or reflexology. And people need to know that all of these various modalities are available to them right here in one location now.”

Barb is thrilled to be part of Tree of Life. “I think it will be a place where people can walk in and feel a positive energy there.” She says, “All of these practitioners are here to help you find what works for you. You don’t always have to have a particular reason to walk into the doors at Tree of Life, we just want you to leave inspired.

To Barb, having success in wellness is really coming to the realization that it’s a journey. There’s not necessarily an ending point, it continues on, and there’s always room for improvement. Realize that and be open to continual learning. ” I think that’s success.” She concludes. There’s not a stopping point or a point where you’ve learned it all. All of us are continually working to better ourselves. Then we need to be reaching out to help other people along their journey as well.



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