You hear about Essential Oils everywhere, see people use them, and watch them cure the oddest ailments. The knowledge that many people have about them is extensive and valuable! And it seems like so much to learn. The start-up cost can also be intimidating. And there are hundreds of oils out there! Where do you even begin?

The use of EO’s is widely excepted these days. Many people are at least familiar with them, and many already use them regularly in their homes.

This spring I took a wonderful course on the history of essential oils and the many ways to use them. I use my reference guides often to check for ways to use them in every area of my life. I believe we can always be learning more about them and making new discoveries, especially since people’s responses to oils can be deeply personal and unique.

Have you always wanted to try them but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Here at Tree of Life, we love essential oils. Many of the practitioners use them on a daily basis both personally and in their practice.

Choosing High-Quality Oils

There are dozens of EO brands. However, some of them are more cheaply produced and diluted so they may render themselves ineffective. Several companies have a standing reputation for distributing high quality, potent oils, so make sure you ask the oily guru in your life for advice on where to purchase and self-educate. Here at the Wellness Center you will see us using Young Living oils, and we will be carrying Plant Therapy oils in the shop.

Start With the Basics

Each person has their list of favorite oils they can’t go without. However, even the most ‘advanced’ passionate oil users can usually agree on which oils a beginner should purchase first. These are often the ones you’ll continue going back to the most often.

Lavender, Lemon, and Frankincense. These three will get you off to a great start.

Lavender is cleansing, relaxing, and smells wonderful. It’s also safe to use on and around everyone in your home. One of the gentlest oils, it also packs a powerful punch of healing properties and can ease anxiety. Lavender is a must in every home, and it doesn’t break the bank, so make it #1 on your list!

Lemon, a natural detoxifier is very useful as a non-toxic way to clean your home. There any digestive benefits of lemon as well – the list of uses will grow as your knowledge of oils expands.

Frankincense is gentle enough to be used as an anti-aging oil on the skin when combined with a gentle facial cleansing oil or moisturizer, but it’s also powerful enough to treat chronic illness! I love frankincense and use it nearly every day by adding either a drop to my jojoba oil on my skin, diffusing it in my living room, or brushing it over my teeth to finish off my oral care routine. It has multiple uses and benefits.

Ways to Get Started Today

  1. In your Home. Owner of Tree of Life, Nina Mckee, loves her oils and uses them to treat health concerns as well. She has a deep knowledge of their uses. She says her favorite way to use EO’s in her home is putting a few drops of lavender and lime on her dryer balls and popping them in the dryer for a fresher finish to her laundry routine. This is also a much safer alternative to conventional softeners and dryer sheets.

2. Medicinally, there are many chronic illnesses that EO’s can successfully treat. But if you’re just getting started, using lavender in balms for burns and scrapes is a great place to start replacing the more toxic creams and medicines in your cabinet. Mix Lavender with a little coconut oil and you have a simple remedy for everything from diaper rashes and scrapes to a sleep aid.

3. Aromatherapy. My oil diffuser in my home always has something in it, depending on the need we want to address in our home. Sometimes we want to lift the mood in the home, other times I want to encourage the kids to settle down a little (lavender has a calming effect, as do several other oils!). I may need some extra help concentrating, or we may even want to cleanse the home after a bout with the common cold. Oils can help with all of these things!

Many of our practitioners use oils to treat illnesses and emotional issues; their healing powers are extraordinary. But if you are just wondering how to get started cleaning up the environment around you using oils, these are some of our tips for a successful introduction to oils. And from there, enjoy your personal oils journey! The sky is the limit.

Coming soon, in the center, we will be having Plant Therapy Oils available to purchase!


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