What is Reflexology?

The purpose of reflexology is to reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, encouraging the body to heal itself. The practice is performed by pressing into reflex points in the hands and feet that are directly linked to other places in the body. Pressing into the toes, for example, to help heal pain or inflammation in another part of the body.

The key “tools” used are the hands of the healer, particularly the thumb (we call the technique thumb walking or finger walking).

There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the bottoms of the feet. And each spot you’re pressing into, you’re sending a super speed message to the brain and the brain is able to determine whether or not that is something the person needs to pay attention to, and this is where the healing begins. Pressing into these reflex points helps remind the body to begin that self-healing process.

Many people think that reflexology is a glorified foot rub or massage, but it’s working the reflexes of the whole body in a different, deeper way. Many massage therapists are trained in reflexology, but may not know how to use it to its full extent.


Part of what make’s Lorri’s practice unique,

Lorri Kulberg is an incredibly talented healer and reflexologist. She loves to incorporate energy healing and essential oils in her practice as well. “I am just the hands. I’m asking the healer to use me. I’m always connected.” Lorri says she gets energetic messages from the body about what the client may need. A reflexology client can choose whether or not they wish Lorri to incorporate energy healing into their session.

When asked how her practice positively impacts her own life, Lorri responded, “I’m so passionate about helping others, it brings me that extra joy to fill my cup. I’m also benefiting from the essential oils I’m using. But primarily the healer helps themselves through the healing of others.”

Lorri is passionate about meditation. She believes meditation isn’t always resting cross-legged on the floor. “Meditation could be cooking, reading a book, or sitting quietly… meditation is a love of what you love. It’s quieting the mind to let the messages come through, whether you’re cooking or gardening, you’re being quiet at that time, letting thoughts just come.”


How Can You benefit from Reflexology or Hands on Healing?

“People may come to me out of curiosity, they may have digestion issues, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, low back…. There are other specialty areas such as fertility and childbirth, and I’m continually growing my practice. A large passion of mine is also educating people how to be able to use some of these techniques themselves at home.”

Beyond physical ailments, you may also see a reflexologist for mental and emotional healing. It can be the perfect supplement to your wellness routine, for wellness maintenance. Reflexology can help you release, emotionally, any tension you may be carrying around.


Success Stories

“A friend of mine had a lump removed as a breast cancer patient. I worked with her every week during her therapy. Her doctor made the comment that he was shocked she didn’t have any swelling! The whole time she was in radiation she had been seeing me on a weekly basis.”

Lorri has helped people find relief from digestive troubles and is seen by many as a supplement to chiropractic, as she helps them improve their mobility.

The hands and the feet are the energy centers of the body. However, for an amputee, for example, there are places in the body that become a referral point for these energy or reflex centers, such as an area on the leg. It’s all so fascinating.



“We are all individuals, all made differently, so there is no one treatment that will work for everyone. There has to be a place like there where there’s a cooperative relationship between eastern and western medicine, so Tree of Life is perfect.” Says Lorri, about this opportunity to see clients at Tree of Life Wellness Center.

I can really see Lorri’s desire for everyone to be truly well, shine through her soul. She loves to practice sharing referrals among various modalities, and here at Tree of Life where we integrate Eastern and Western Medicine, we’ve created a cooperative of healers who are ready to do just that. Work together, for your benefit.

Learn more about Lorri Kulberg and her practice at www.lorrikulberg.com  and contact TofL to book your Reflexology session!





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