As if we needed more reasons to go get a massage, it’s worth mentioning again the many benefits. There’s stress reduction, increase in “happy” hormones, it also helps flush waste from the body, reduces swelling, and can improve muscle tone, range of motion, and even skin health. Need we say more?

Sometimes, however, we don’t even realize all the various methods or modalities of massage there really are and the immense impact these methods can have on our health, or how much of a game-changer a massage can really be!

Most of us are familiar with Swedish or deep tissue massage, a great way to dig into those muscles and relieve tightness and tension and improve mobility in an immensely relaxing way.

Below are a few more less-known massage modalities you may be glad to know about. I’ll do my best to explain them in terms you and I can easily understand.



Also called a therapy, CranioSacral massage helps interpret and move energy through the client’s spine and cranium. The therapist can “listen” to the client’s body and gently encourage the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid within the spine and around the brain, in a way, reorganizing things. It is deeply relaxing. Having experienced it before, it lists high on my rankings for ‘most relaxed and at peace I’ve ever felt’. I relate it almost to a mother’s touch, in a way. A kind of relaxation that comes when your body feels aligned. It can be effective at any age, and can even benefit infants, helping to realign their cranial plates after birth.

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Myofascial Release

You can totally relax while enjoying this technique, and it’s very fascinating. It’s easy to forget about some of the systems that make up the body, such as myofascial tissue. When was the last time you remembered your body had this?  What even is it? Myofascial tissue is a type of thin, strong, fibrous connective tissue that extends throughout your body to provide support and protection to your muscles and bones.   It’s made up mostly of collagen and elastin, and inside the body, can look a little like a spiderweb of connective tissue. Manipulating and stretching this connective tissue of the body can be phenomenally effective in alleviating pain and inflammation, proving highly beneficial for surgery patients(as most massage is!). Sufferers of fibromyalgia, headaches, tightness in hips or back (or, let’s face it, anything muscular…) will also greatly benefit from myofascial release therapy.

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Lymph Drainage

Your Lymphatic system is intensely important, as are all your other body systems. Your lymphatic system is constantly filtering your body of waste and toxins. By making sure it is in tip-top shape, you can be assured it’s helping you ward off infections and viruses, and a bundle more. Lymphatic Drainage is one way to care for this body system so it can continue to run smoothly and serve you best. This drainage technique can be very helpful in reducing swelling, even helping patients post-operation or those going through other rigorous therapies and treatments. Draining your lymphatic system with massage can also help you keep stress better under control and your immune system functioning at a higher level. It’s just all around a good idea to have this in your self-care routine.

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Whether or not you believe in the energy systems running through our body or agree with all aspects of eastern medicine, shiatsu massage is a highly effective way of loosening up the body and allowing better energy flow, through working with pressure points and holds. Shiatsu massage will gently stretch and rotate limbs into more accurate alignment.  wellmother says it’s a little bit like having yoga done for you. Sounds relaxing right? Yoga without having to work for it? Let’s not underestimate the health benefits of this remarkable art.

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As with many wellness modalities, you don’t have to be ill or undergoing trauma to benefit from massage. Your office job, motherhood, your fitness, or even your last long road trip are reasons enough to see a massage therapist and benefit from any of the above-listed!

We are honored to be offering all of these varieties of massage and more at Tree of Life, and you book your appointment here!

What are your favorite massage modalities and how have you benefited? Let us know in the comments below!





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