Today many people are curious about health and nutrition. There’s an ever-growing amount of valuable information available to us on the topics of food, lists of what you should and shouldn’t eat to lose weight, many various diets and lifestyles to “choose” from –  an enormous amount of informational “clutter” to sort through!

We are more aware than ever in our culture that we’ve strayed a little too far from what is natural and many of us are striving to restore a healthy relationship with food. Maybe we even deal with sickness and disease and we know it’s time to take a more serious look at our diet.

You may feel like your needs are unique and you’re not quite sure how to tailor your diet to fit your and your family’s needs best. Many of us are tired of the “trial and error” approach to gut health, digestion, and optimizing how we feel by adjusting our diet…

This is where a health coach, nutritionist, or dietitian can come in. By seeing a health coach, nutritionist, or dietician, your experience can be uniquely adjusted and customized to you. The benefits can be endless, but let’s name a few to get our thoughts rolling…

  • Reduce Stress and create a plan
  • Provide consistent support and empowerment
  • Help you find the root cause of your health issues
  • Manage disease with diet and movement
  • Create and reach goals (sports, weight loss, detoxing and rebuilding)
  • Optimize your energy!

If you’re unsure how to start your new wellness journey, seeing a nutritionist or health coach could be just the jumpstart you need. Or maybe you’re exhausted in trying to manage a serious health condition and just need someone to come alongside you and create some easy to follow meal plans. Maybe you’re looking to optimize the health and energy of everyone in your home and you know you need to start by looking at the foods you eat…. Nutrition coaching meets you where you’re at and supports you along every step of the way.

Here at Tree of Life we are honored to have four practitioners serving clients in this capacity.

Below, we’re going to let them tell you about themselves in their own words.

My Name is Tiffany Flaten and I own Rock Bottom Wellness. I’m a board certified and tiffanyflattenlicensed nutritionist. But mostly, I know what it’s like to be sick. Out of the depths ofmy own health struggles, I created a nutrition consulting business in order to help people out of their own struggles with nutrition that focuses on improving symptoms. I live in MN with my husband Steve and two daughters Allison & Olivia.


Hello, I’m Tonia Ophoven. I’m a wife and mother, Foodie, and a Holistic Health Coach.  I started my own wellness journey almost 10 years ago.  Struggling with chronic pain and fatigue.  I’ve done lots of research and found real food to be my medicine. toniauphoven Through this journey I have become passionate about helping others reach their own personal health goals.  I am confident that working with me, you can reach yours too.  As a mother, my desire is to help transform the health and wellness of families.  Children are our future, so let’s make it a healthy one!


Hi, I’m Elise Anderson – Registered Dietetic TechnicianI am excited about health, fitness and holistic nutrition. My passion lies in pre-and post-natal, sport and restorative nutrition. I live by the motto: “Let thy food by thy Medicine” but more importantly I realize that there must be a healthy balance and relationship between oneself and one’s food.

My strength lies in working with individuals in a one-on-one setting to create and reach goals; working with each person to educate in properly nourish the body, their temple, in the way that is best and most attainable for them. ellieanderson

I Graduated in 2014 from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics. I am currently a licensed Registered Dietetic Technician through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Now, through May, I am also am working full time at Maple Grove and North Memorial hospital to attain the certifications become a Registered Dietitian.   

I am a wife, a mom, and a total body wellness advocate. I am from St. Michael; a born and raised Minnesota girl. I love our community and am excited by the opportunities Tree of Life is bringing to our area to better blend Eastern and Western medicine. I cannot wait to meet and work with you!


Sue Heil – Dietitian | Health Coach – “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food.”-Hipacrates sueheil

Our nutrition is so important in building the  foundation on which everything else is built upon. I am a dietitian and mother of 7 children.   I can relate first hand the challenges we face in today’s hectic and busy life while trying to give our families the best nutrition possible. I am excited to be a part of Tree of Life Wellness where I will be able to use both my former clinical experience and my current family and community position to offer ongoing education, nutrition classes,  and tips on how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle in our busy lives.

Think it might be just what you need?

Click on the link below to schedule your initial consult. The first one’s free! We think you’ll really see the value in it.

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