“I don’t even remember the last time I took a vacation.”

“I went on a vacation last summer, but it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year already!”

“I can’t afford to take the time off, let alone travel anywhere!”

“I’m feeling burned out. I need a recharge.”


Do any of these lines sound familiar?

Now more than ever, so many of us are finding ourselves over-committed and over-tired; creatively drained. Taking our wellness into our own hands and scheduling out time to take care of our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and to stay inspired is so necessary! 

Vacations and getaways can be the best time to reconnect with those closest to us, try a new hobby or exercise an old one, visit significant locations, re-live a memory – these all help us get back to our roots, to what’s important and makes us who we are. Vacationing doesn’t have to mean lying on a beach for a week. Although for some of us, that sounds like just the thing! Some people seek out wild adventure on their time off. Go for it. Whatever inspires you, get creative and pursue it.

vacation photo.png

Thinking of all the reasons you CAN’T get away?

Financial struggles can keep us from vacationing. The fear of unexpected expenses coming up or feeling like you won’t be able to fully enjoy yourself because you won’t be able to afford to do what you want to do. There’s so much information available on the internet today from people who’ve shared how to plan a getaway on any budget…. Start gathering some ideas! From making lists of free things to do in each city to roughing it in the wilderness, you can find a low-cost vacation plan that works for you – and then all you have left to do is take it! 

My college classmate and I once traveled across three states with little to nothing in our wallets and survived on peanut butter and honey sandwiches for nearly the entire week. I would not recommend this diet for long-term health reasons, clearly! I might also add that we drove a clunker car that, in hindsight, was a ticking time bomb mechanically…. But in the spirit of spontaneity, that trip and the simplicity of it all hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps you have a similar memory. 


Try a staycation. Need a vacation like… yesterday, but can’t hop on a plane? Step one – unplug. Put your electronics away, stock up on good food, a bottle of wine, great coffee, a stack of bestsellers and your softest blanket and enjoy! Stop into Tree of Life for a massage or Reiki session before you embark on your most relaxing weekend at home yet… That’s sure to set the tone!

vacation photo2.png

Staycation at home sound like a total disaster? Some people are completely able to pull off an effective staycation. Being a parent who works at home, staycations within my own dwelling don’t work all that well for me. I need to get away where I can’t see my lists of responsibilities piling up!

Find that local place that gives you that peace and relaxation you need. If you have kids, keep their interests in mind as well. Try hopping around city parks, taking in unique scenery, or visiting sites with historical value.

Can’t afford to check out for the whole weekend? Take one night, unplug, and try a brand new restaurant you’ve been eyeing up. Look up free things to do in your city. Take the pressure off of yourself to always have a mind-blowingly fabulous time and your time will probably end up being that much better! Enjoy the simplest of things. 

Work deadlines or feeling as though nothing will be accomplished while you are away may also be holding you back from unplugging and getting away. Sometimes scheduling your getaway into the future as a reward for accomplishing a goal can be a motivating tool. Exercise your work ethic to complete the tasks you have well and enjoy the energy you get from completing them in addition to the excitement of being able to get away for some time to yourself.

You also can take a moment to ask yourself if the tasks at hand are immediate or if you can afford to place them on the back burner until you return with a freshened perspective.

If you’re feeling burned out and notice a lack of focus and creativity at home and in the workplace, chances are, an abrupt change of pace may be just what you need.

If you work irregular, long, or weekend hours, you especially need to make sure you take intentional time periodically throughout the year to step away from your daily life.

Your body, your mind, and your relationships are bound to improve. So if you need that extra “permission” or “push” out the door, here you go. Most of us know the value of rest – the value of actually taking that vacation. But do you actually take it?
And when you’re ready to step back into daily life, you will be that light that shines that much brighter.


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