According to the US Senate, April is officially Financial Literacy Month! A month dedicated to raising awareness about financial wellness and motivating people to educate themselves and understand how they can master their money. It’s a great cause!

At Tree of Life, we are going to take a look at how finances affect your wellness. You know they do! According to Cambridge Credit: “Financial Stress and your Health”, “Two of the most common side effects of financial stress are anxiety and depression. These two conditions usually go hand in hand…”

Can you relate? We are all deeply impacted by stress, and finances can be a huge stressor whether we are ready to invest it or simply make ends meet!

Let me suggest to you that your overall health and wellness is directly linked to the health of the relationships you have in your life. Starting with your relationship with yourself. Do you respect and value yourself enough to take care of each important area of your life and manage it appropriately?

So how’s your relationship with your money? That’s getting pretty personal, but that’s okay. Let’s take a moment to think about it.

Happiness doesn’t have to depend on your finances, and it shouldn’t, I think we can all probably agree on that. But money is a necessary mode of exchange. We work hard for every dollar. Our time is important to us, and we are paid for our valuable time. Your relationship with your money is a relationship you’ll have your whole life, so you might as well invest in it. (No pun intended.)

So do finances totally stress you out? Stress is a natural feeling the body uses to provide you with feedback to let you know something’s got to change- and fast!

Start by remembering the purpose of money to reset your perspective. It’s a mode of exchange. A powerful one at that, but it doesn’t have to rule your life.

Perhaps you don’t feel well informed. Grab a finance coach or trusted friend who’s good with money and start asking questions. Attend a finance class! Whatever you need to do, start educating yourself. Your stress will likely lower once you are able to visualize the big picture of your finances. Remind yourself to give more, save more; become literate in basic finance terms and best practices. Try a spending freeze. Whatever works for you!

Regular mind and bodywork are vital parts of managing the natural, day to day stresses that come into our life daily that we cannot change. So don’t neglect caring for yourself in this way. Schedule regular appointments for yourself at the wellness center, keeping in tune with your needs. We cannot keep stressors out of our lives altogether, but we can have an action plan set in place to guide us through them with our overall health in mind.

From a wellness perspective, if finances are a major stressor in your life affecting your wellbeing and increasing stress, catch on now before greater stress-induced health issues arise for you.

Checking in on your relationship with your money and keeping it a healthy one, making it a priority to be proactive about managing it- this will positively impact your life.

Life is distinctly beautiful. Be gentle with yourself along the way as you grow, learn, and make mistakes. Imperfection is inevitable, it’s the way we are. Just consider life as the gift that it is, don’t hold your money too close to your heart, hold the relationships that matter more all that much closer.

Just as in every other part of your total wellness, how will you choose to be proactive today in addressing your financial wellness? You’ve got this!


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