Stinky athletic gear leaving your entire laundry load smelling like bad B.O.?

Allergies getting the best of you?

Skin irritations? Lack of sleep?

While Lavender may not be the end all, be all for everyone, it certainly can be a game changer for many, to alleviate some of these common complaints. At Tree of Life, we use essential oil brands Plant Therapy and Young Living to ensure that we are using high quality, potent essential oils in our wellness center, ensuring effectiveness.


Here are 7 ways lavender can enhance the wellness of you and your home.

  1. Stinky Laundry. At Tree of Life, we have made-by-hand dryer balls available for sale. These simple little things do wonders, working similarly to a softener, dryer balls can be thrown into a dryer load to lighten up, freshen, plump, and soften your clothing and linens as well as being a wonderful medium for infusing EO’s (essential oils) such as lavender to your finished laundry load. Laundry with a distinct odor such as sweaty athletic wear or kitchen towels can wash out perfectly clean with a basic non-toxic or homemade detergent and 1-2 cups of white vinegar added to the load. Finish out by dripping a few drops of pure lavender oil onto your dryer balls and popping 1-2 balls into the dryer directly with your items. Voila! This is a real stink-buster!
  2. Smelly Gym shoes. Place a few drops of lavender onto a few cotton balls and place inside your stinkiest shoes. The lavender and the cotton will help absorb the odor and give you a fresher feeling.
  3. Stress relief & focus. If you suffer from any brain fog, poor concentration, or anxiety, always check in with your body to see what needs should be addressed such as diet, stressors both mental and physical, and of course check in with your healthcare providers. There are also an array of oils that may help dispel symptoms! Lavender is definitely near the top of the list both for its affordability and gentle effectiveness for everyone of every age. Epsom salt baths with added lavender can be just the stress buster you need.
  4. Alleviating symptoms of hayfever/allergies. Allergy season is here folks. Many of us have heard of the lemon lavender and peppermint combo as the “allergy bomb”. Well, there really is something to this. Keeping this arsenal of essential oils in your handbag could really help alleviate mild to moderate hay fever symptoms. Check in with the EO protocols put out by the EO brand you are using and go from there!
  5. Morning glory - A delicious coffee and cookie breakfast at the fCulinary lavender. Have you had a spring-inspired lavender latte at a local shop or restaurant lately? Paired with other assertive flavors, a little lavender can be just the right touch to a latte or vanilla lemon zest cake… okay, where’s the nearest organic bakery! Culinary lavender can be purchased at several health food stores and herb distributors.
  6. Heightened feelings of wellbeing. There are many essential oils that help with promoting feelings of wellbeing, but lavender is perhaps the most well known. Some people respond to lavender the best, others migrate toward oils with scents that are more earthy, woody, or floral. It’s up to you and what your unique needs are! But pure oils send our mind messages that tell us things will be alright, that we are close to nature, and they can promote feelings of comfort and heighten inner insight.
  7. Acne, burns, skin irritations, insomnia. Essential oils are an incredible asset to you on your wellness journey, wherever you are at. A drop of gentle lavender can ease any inflammation or irritation of the skin and is gentle enough for everyone. It is also calming, as suggested earlier, and can help promote a quiet body and mind as you prepare to sleep.

This list could be so much longer! Here at Tree of Life, we love our essential oils and we love our lavender. Take time to stop in and chat with the practitioners at the center about uses for essential oils that may suit your needs the best! You’ll find that many of our practitioners use EOs routinely within their services, and we diffuse regularly in the center to promote peace and clean the environment to help give you the best and most meaningful experience when you enter the center.

What are your favorite ways to use lavender?


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