Heidi Gilman

The Unity of Healing: The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Influences on Healing by Heidi Gilman

Healing. What is healing? Is it taking care of that pain, the headaches, the digestive issues, to get you feeling better? Or does it go much deeper than that?

Heidi Gilman is a Certified Shiatsu Bodywork/Massage Practitioner, Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. She was led into healing after struggling with her own health issues. Heidi started off with Shiatsu – Asian bodywork therapy that implements the concepts of Chinese Medicine Theory like acupuncture. This opened her up to the amazing ability the body has to heal itself. She experienced an increase of energy flowing through the body, pain relief, energy and immune system improvement as well as digestive improvements. This has led to more training in CranioSacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage and energy healing.

As Heidi began to work with clients she realized that emotion played a huge role in healing and could really hinder the healing process so she decided to get certified in Hypnotherapy. There is a constant pull to work at the energetic level of the body, bringing in more energy healing training. And then it became apparent that we need to heal at that spirit/soul level to really heal. So she takes a mind, body, spirit approach to healing. Heidi also worked as a Chiropractic Assistant and at another Wellness Center for several years, helping her to understand the many dysfunctions and diseases that people seek healing for.


Healing actually touches all levels of the human body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There is interconnectedness between all these levels. We can take a symptom such as a headache, and provide physical treatment. Work on the body and release the tension in the neck, head, and shoulders and get some good relief and feel good. But there is so much more to explore! Suppose a headache and neck tension is real because the liver or gallbladder is stressed from life in general, diet, change of season or pathogenic. The gallbladder and liver meridian becomes stagnant and creates tension in the channels that creates tension in the neck, shoulders and up through the head, causing pain and discomfort. Understanding this, it would be beneficial to work those meridians, the liver and gallbladder organs, avoid foods that aggravate, do some liver gallbladder detoxification and release the stress that is the cause of it all in the first place. Because of the interconnectedness, we can address a symptom in several ways. The physical work on the body can connect and influence a release of the emotion that is holding the pain. The release of the emotion can then allow a healing of the spirit, creating a sense of well-being and gratitude. Another direction is working it from the other way. Working at the level of spirit. Releasing subconscious thought patterns that hold this emotion in place, that causes the meridian to be stagnant, which leads to the pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, and head.

Sounds complicated? Really it all makes perfect sense. Let’s say every spring you have these headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It may be a stressful time of the year at work. Maybe you have deadlines to finish and you would like to take a family vacation. Maybe one year in the past when this started there was a trauma that happened to you or family member. It’s grilling season and you might be having cravings for spicy heavy foods on that grill like meats and brats.

So you now have the influence of time of year – Spring is Liver/gallbladder time – these energies are more influential at this time of year.

There is a stress on the organs from the spicy heavy meaty foods.

You want to get your work caught up, including all the spring home clean up so you can get on that vacation. Kids may be busy with all the end of school year activity. Stress!!

The trauma from years past is still in your subconscious mind, and same time of year is triggering a re-living of the trauma subconsciously even if you are not aware.

You might be feeling angry or frustrated – the emotions of Liver and Gallbladder, and deflated in life in general – Wow, now you can see why this is a killer neck and shoulder or headache pain and you feel yukky in general!

We can take this whole bag of influences and use Shiatsu bodywork including other techniques to balance it out as well as bring relief from that headache and tightness. It is a feel good whole body massage and lets you get back to life. With Shiatsu the client remains clothed in light comfortable, movable clothing. There are no oils or lotions applied. It is kneading, soothing, tapping as well as addressing particular acupuncture points. Many times clients will just say “I just feel so out of sorts”. Shiatsu can help balance the body again and they feel better physically, emotionally and their well-being. Then when the client is ready, they can explore some mind – spirit work to get to a deeper level of healing.

There is also an opportunity to take a self-healing class where the individuals meet as a group and learn self-healing techniques such as Qi Gong, meditation, energy balancing movements and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. This is a form of self-hypnosis that releases inner baggage and allows you to program in the changes you would like to make.

So Healing – it may seem complicated but really it becomes very simple after there is more body, mind, spirit awareness.

For more information on these healing sessions, you can visit www.harmonyforbodyandmind.com

Heidi takes appointments at Tree of Life Wellness Center, Albertville MN.


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