Inside of everyone is this innate wisdom, this natural ability to heal. But in order for this healing to take place, we must take a deep look inside, quiet ourselves, and come to this place where we can befriend our bodies again.

Our bodies want us to feel good, and when we are dealing with pain, we often train ourselves to come at it with combative aggression. We stomp out the symptoms, fight our diseases, and we drown out that inner body temple, that inner wisdom and voice within our bodies, and it’s easy to lose touch with our inner healer.

The following was written following an interview with Colleen, about how she uses the energy of Reiki within her practice and the formation of her personal journey.


Reiki can be a difficult healing art to explain and understand. When prompted to explain it, Colleen responded that her explanation of it has changed quite a bit over the past eight to nine years of her journey with healing. As a Reiki Master, Colleen’s deeper understanding of and connection with the energy of Reiki has helped her formulate a simple response to help remove the mystery behind this modality that many of us may not understand.


“Reiki is a beautiful choice for healing, for creating a quiet time inside yourself, bringing healing into every part of your life. Making that commitment to listen to yourself… it can enhance and empower you as an individual in all aspects, relational, in career, in parenting…

   …Your body has an innate wisdom and ability to heal. What reiki can offer is a time and space where you’re quiet inside – where you can begin to be friends with your body again.”

– Colleen


Colleen has a humble, healing approach to using her practice, which is evident in how she explains herself and this energy. Each experience within a Reiki appointment will be different, because each appointment is unique to the client and what their individual need for healing is. This is why Reiki can be associated with any healing that needs to happen in the body, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Reiki appointments help to create that space for the individual that helps them focus their attention where the healing needs to happen. This is why Reiki can be so effective. The healing happens inside of you, where you’ve set the intention.


“This [Reiki] energy is available to everyone – and all I’m trying to do is bring you to a quiet place where you can remember that and begin to heal! ….At least to acknowledge to yourself what is going on inside, have an inner aha moment, even if you don’t share it with me the practitioner.” – Colleen

Colleen is a Reiki Master, yoga and Qigong instructor, and owner of Path to Healing LLC. Colleen’s healing arts are grounded into her very being and are a part of her everyday life. Her passion is to help you rediscover this quiet, sacred space within which you can heal.

The energy that is flowing through everything in the universe and we have access to it at all times. We all operate at a unique frequency. And this frequency can be elevated or decreased depending upon our state of health and our environment. What we choose to think about and associate with all has an effect on our overall frequency. Each article in this life has a frequency – rocks, plants, animals, people, even experiences such as birth and death. When our frequency/vibration is lower, we experience more negative emotions, attitudes, and even health complications. Raising our Vibrations stimulates our health in every aspect.

Reiki operates on a specific frequency that is identifiable and tangible, and it actively elevates our vibrational frequency for optimal healing.

“I’ve made a choice to learn how to be a channel of that energy – it’s my belief that this energy comes from the highest source of energy. This energy can only be used for good.

I have agreed to have this energy flow through me to help people remind their bodies, minds, and spirits how to heal. We create a sacred space, and hopefully, within that space, you are able to come to a place of peace, relaxation, even better sleep… in that relaxed space is where we heal the best. Emotional or physical, Reiki can touch all of that.” -Colleen

Reiki can be a difficult thing to explain, and people often have recurring questions about it before pursuing it for healing purposes. Many people often have a fear that it may interfere with their religion. For Colleen, Reiki has become a part of who she is, down to a cellular level. Reiki can deepen whatever spiritual practice you have if you’d like it to. It has been both a personal and spiritual journey for Colleen, one of exploration and healing.

In our daily life, in our social conditionings, sometimes we lose track of our inner wisdom, we forget to trust our bodies and its ability to heal. What Reiki can offer is a reminder to heal – a space inside where you can begin to learn and be friends with your body again.

Reiki can often help with pain relief and a host of physical symptoms, but even if there are no outlying physical symptoms, there will assuredly be a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation within your session and following.

Reiki can take you very deep. It can take you as deep as you want to go.

For many, simply seeking relief from everyday stresses, Reiki helps them be able to hear their inner voice again, creating quiet space.

It can empower you, strengthen your parenting capabilities, your relationships, it can affect every aspect of your life where you allow it.

“Make a commitment to listen to yourself.” Colleen encourages.

Colleen takes appointments here at Tree of Life. Call the center for an appointment, or find us at


Schedule your appointment with Colleen today by clicking HERE.


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