Spotlight on Barb Jochum, PhD: cutting through life’s clutter to find clarity in true wellness

Do you ever feel stuck or like you are spinning your wheels but not going anywhere? Do you know what you want to do or how you want to be, but don’t know how to get there? Does it feel like life is flying by and you are so busy you don’t notice the world around you? Life can get clutter, our thoughts can get cluttered and confusing and difficult to sort through.


IMG_0611My name is Barb Jochum. My occupational history is as a licensed therapist where I have worked in mental health for over twenty years. In my professional journey, I have seen multitudes of clients who describe being at a “stuck point” in life, or in circumstances correlating to their mental health concerns. I started to see a pattern, a correlation in my practice with these client’s major concerns, and this correlation has prompted a movement in me to help people from a different angle – one of wellness.

I have worked with countless people who describe feeling sad, stuck, anxious, having a lack of control in their lives, etc., only to acknowledge they are in a job that is unfulfilling, a relationship that isn’t healthy, or a situation that cannot change anytime soon, like being a parent of small children or a caretaker to an ill parent or family member.  Situations cannot change overnight, but when it is recognized and a plan of how to make changes is implemented, hope enters their life. I have seen these same people make changes that over time significantly lessened or eliminated their “symptoms” and moved them into a place of contentment or joy.

I am passionate about therapeutic wellness, holistic healing, and embracing our authentic selves. In my personal journey, I have experienced my own healing through good nutrition, mindfulness, exercise, brainspotting, energy work, essential oils, and much more.  This has prompted me to want to help guide others to experience their own healing or growth. And thus the shift from practicing licensed therapy to becoming a life coach and wellness consultant. 


Through coaching and brainspotting, I am committed to guiding others on a journey of self-exploration through goal setting, overcoming barriers, empowerment, mindfulness, and other techniques to create movement or fulfillment in one’s life. Each session is directed by the client. I will offer suggestions, guidance, and ideas that you may implement, modify, or dismiss.

So what is brainspotting?

Brainspotting (BSP): “Where we look affects how we feel”. BSP makes use of this natural phenomenon through its use of relevant eye positions. This helps to locate, focus, process and release a wide range of emotionally and bodily-based conditions.  It is believed that BSP taps into and harnesses the body’s natural self-scanning, self-healing ability. When a Brainspot is stimulated, the deep brain appears to reflexively signal that the source of the problem has been found. BSP can also be used to find and strengthen our natural resources and resilience. BSP is designed as a therapeutic tool that can be integrated into many of the healing modalities. BSP can also be used with performance and creativity enhancement. 

Other services I offer:

Life coaching:  This is a journey of self-exploration through goal setting, overcoming barriers, empowerment, mindfulness, and other techniques to create movement and/or fulfillment in your life.

Mindfulness coaching: Learn and practice the basic principles of mindfulness and the continuum of practice techniques that go with it or expand an already existing mindfulness practice. This includes breath work, meditation, guided imagery, movement meditation, and more.

Intuitive card reading: This is a process in which I will use chakra cards as an intuitive guide to assist you in decision making, guide you through a stuck point in your life, or help you discern the direction of any area of your life.


Please call Tree of Life Wellness Center in Albertville to book your first session or try an introductory sampler which is a 30-minute session that will let you sample life coaching, mindfulness, brainspotting, and a Chakra card reading. 

The Synchrony of Healing: The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Influences on Healing by Heidi Gilman

Heidi Gilman

The Unity of Healing: The Physical, Mental, and Emotional Influences on Healing by Heidi Gilman

Healing. What is healing? Is it taking care of that pain, the headaches, the digestive issues, to get you feeling better? Or does it go much deeper than that?

Heidi Gilman is a Certified Shiatsu Bodywork/Massage Practitioner, Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. She was led into healing after struggling with her own health issues. Heidi started off with Shiatsu – Asian bodywork therapy that implements the concepts of Chinese Medicine Theory like acupuncture. This opened her up to the amazing ability the body has to heal itself. She experienced an increase of energy flowing through the body, pain relief, energy and immune system improvement as well as digestive improvements. This has led to more training in CranioSacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Drainage and energy healing.

As Heidi began to work with clients she realized that emotion played a huge role in healing and could really hinder the healing process so she decided to get certified in Hypnotherapy. There is a constant pull to work at the energetic level of the body, bringing in more energy healing training. And then it became apparent that we need to heal at that spirit/soul level to really heal. So she takes a mind, body, spirit approach to healing. Heidi also worked as a Chiropractic Assistant and at another Wellness Center for several years, helping her to understand the many dysfunctions and diseases that people seek healing for.


Healing actually touches all levels of the human body – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There is interconnectedness between all these levels. We can take a symptom such as a headache, and provide physical treatment. Work on the body and release the tension in the neck, head, and shoulders and get some good relief and feel good. But there is so much more to explore! Suppose a headache and neck tension is real because the liver or gallbladder is stressed from life in general, diet, change of season or pathogenic. The gallbladder and liver meridian becomes stagnant and creates tension in the channels that creates tension in the neck, shoulders and up through the head, causing pain and discomfort. Understanding this, it would be beneficial to work those meridians, the liver and gallbladder organs, avoid foods that aggravate, do some liver gallbladder detoxification and release the stress that is the cause of it all in the first place. Because of the interconnectedness, we can address a symptom in several ways. The physical work on the body can connect and influence a release of the emotion that is holding the pain. The release of the emotion can then allow a healing of the spirit, creating a sense of well-being and gratitude. Another direction is working it from the other way. Working at the level of spirit. Releasing subconscious thought patterns that hold this emotion in place, that causes the meridian to be stagnant, which leads to the pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, and head.

Sounds complicated? Really it all makes perfect sense. Let’s say every spring you have these headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It may be a stressful time of the year at work. Maybe you have deadlines to finish and you would like to take a family vacation. Maybe one year in the past when this started there was a trauma that happened to you or family member. It’s grilling season and you might be having cravings for spicy heavy foods on that grill like meats and brats.

So you now have the influence of time of year – Spring is Liver/gallbladder time – these energies are more influential at this time of year.

There is a stress on the organs from the spicy heavy meaty foods.

You want to get your work caught up, including all the spring home clean up so you can get on that vacation. Kids may be busy with all the end of school year activity. Stress!!

The trauma from years past is still in your subconscious mind, and same time of year is triggering a re-living of the trauma subconsciously even if you are not aware.

You might be feeling angry or frustrated – the emotions of Liver and Gallbladder, and deflated in life in general – Wow, now you can see why this is a killer neck and shoulder or headache pain and you feel yukky in general!

We can take this whole bag of influences and use Shiatsu bodywork including other techniques to balance it out as well as bring relief from that headache and tightness. It is a feel good whole body massage and lets you get back to life. With Shiatsu the client remains clothed in light comfortable, movable clothing. There are no oils or lotions applied. It is kneading, soothing, tapping as well as addressing particular acupuncture points. Many times clients will just say “I just feel so out of sorts”. Shiatsu can help balance the body again and they feel better physically, emotionally and their well-being. Then when the client is ready, they can explore some mind – spirit work to get to a deeper level of healing.

There is also an opportunity to take a self-healing class where the individuals meet as a group and learn self-healing techniques such as Qi Gong, meditation, energy balancing movements and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis. This is a form of self-hypnosis that releases inner baggage and allows you to program in the changes you would like to make.

So Healing – it may seem complicated but really it becomes very simple after there is more body, mind, spirit awareness.

For more information on these healing sessions, you can visit

Heidi takes appointments at Tree of Life Wellness Center, Albertville MN.

An Excerpt from our Herbal News: Why Tinctures instead of Pills?

The Following is an excerpt from our Tree of Life’s Herbal News.


Although pills are the traditional form of supplements, there are many advantages to taking herbs in their liquid form. Below we provide some of these benefits.

  • Better Potency
  • More Bioavailability
  • Easy to use
  • Faster Results


Better Potency. Most professional herbalists and naturopaths prefer liquid herbal extracts because hey are fresher and more potent. the herbs are harvested at the peak of their growth cycle and quickly converted into liquid extracts. Herbs that are dried and then manufactured into pills can lose potency and effectiveness.

More Bioavailability. Digestion is a challenge for many people. Pills often pass through the system without being broken down. Liquid extracts are readily absorbable. The lab has already broken down the plant material and extracted the full spectrum of active constituents for absorption. Additionally, the taste of the extracts increases digestive enzymes, thereby improving the absorption process even further.

Easy to use. Children, as well as the elderly, can have problems swallowing pills. With tinctures, they simply place a few drops in water or juice and drink it.

Faster Results. Since tinctures absorb more readily (up to 40% better than pills), you experience faster results. This is especially important for acute conditions such as pain or insomnia when pulls can be much slower in providing relief.


Convinced? Stop into Tree of Life today to check out our new brand of wildcrafted, sustainably sourced tinctures and supplements!

Harnessing the Power of Essential Oil Frequencies at Home and in Practice

Lorri Kulberg is a Certified Reflexologist and practitioner of Hands on Healing (energy work), who faithfully harnesses the power of essential oils in her daily practice as she meets with clients. She spoke with me on this topic of how we can go beyond just the basics and truly harness the incredible healing powers in these amazing amber bottles.

The Use of Oils in Professional Healing Practice

“Sometimes I can see the physical signs right away about which oil I should use on a client.”

Lorri may tune into the client’s needs through intuition or by tuning into her source of Higher Power. This will also give her a clue into how she should apply certain oils throughout the healing session.

There are three main methods by which a healer can assess your body’s need for a certain oil.

  1. Physical Signs or Symptoms & Knowledge of Oils
  2. Muscle Testing
  3. Intuition or “Tapping in”

So how does the healer know what you need? Each of the practitioners may explain it uniquely, but Lorri would say that there are direct energetic messages that can be felt between persons if you’re in tune, looking for them, and expecting them to come to you. In our wellness center, many of the practitioners harness the powerful life-giving energies of essential oils. Even the vibrational frequency in the center is heightened immensely by the consistent use of oils and other high vibrational healing techniques, creating a peaceful, positive place for clients to come in and be well.

Lorri believes in the company Young Living as her distributor for pure essential oils but is aware that many brands can produce pure oils, and respects all competitors.

Why do Essential Oils Work?

“Essential Oils have been around since the beginning of time. As long as they are produced in the pure form, then they are coming straight from the earth, and the earth was created by a higher power. The Creator has our best in mind.” – Lorri

How do we know which oils to extract and which are best for each of our physical emotional and spiritual experiences? That comes from research and success stories having been passed down for centuries.

All things contain energy. Some call it life force, some call it Qi (chi), call it what you will, it’s the energy we all pass around from person to thing and from thing to person as long as we live on this earth. If energy is not flowing well it directly affects how we feel and interact. It increases our risk for disease to develop in the body. Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist [1857-1894], who experimentally proved the existence of electromagnetic waves. Everything has a frequency. Rocks, plants, animals, humans, of course, furniture, and essential oils top the list for having some of the highest frequencies.

The list of common frequencies below is from a Young Living Resource:

  • Healthy Human Brain 71-90 MHz
  • Healthy Human Body (overall) 62-68 MHz
  • When you have cold symptoms 58 MHz
  • When you have flu symptoms 57 MHz
  • When you have Candida infection 55 MHz
  • When you have Epstein Barr syndrome 52 MHz
  • When you have cancer 42 MHz
  • When you begin to die 25 MHz
  • Processed or Canned Foods 0 MHz
  • Fresh Produce (depending how fresh) 10-15 MHz
  • Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 52-320 MHz

Thinking negative thoughts has been seen to decrease your vibrational frequency significantly, as has the drinking of or even inhaling caffeine. On the flip side, simply holding a bottle of essential oil or speaking positivity or affirmations can re-elevate your vibrational frequency quickly.

Using Essential Oils elevates your healing capacity. In basic terms, the chemistry of the oils really works. It raises your body’s frequency to enable it to more quickly and efficiently heal itself. If you’re at an energy level of 50 MHz and you’re holding an oil over 100 MHz, your body is going to desire to elevate its own energy to meet that higher standard.

So how does the healer know what you need? Each of the practitioners may explain it uniquely, but Lorri would say that there are direct energetic messages that can be felt between persons if you’re in tune, looking for them and expecting them to come to you. In the center, many of the practitioners harness the powerful life-giving energies of essential oils. Even the vibrational frequency in the center is heightened immensely by the consistent use of oils and other high vibrational healing techniques, creating a peaceful, positive place for clients to come in and be well.

Set the Intention to Healing

Lorri encourages us to harness the power of essential oils by tuning into your needs and setting your intention about how that particular oil will help you. She is a firm believer that the intention you set does much of the healing, no matter whether the ailment is physical or mental or emotional, and the science is there to back her up. See below for *further reading.

“If your intention is to get rid of a headache, you’re going to find something that will make that headache go away. Deep down some of us like to have a headache, for the agony or the attention… if we’re honest.”

Lorri believes that the intention of the heart and mindsets the tone for the body’s physical healing abilities. No, it’s not all simply a placebo effect. But healing thoughts will heal!

Studies show that your mental state directly relates to how your body can heal itself.

Positive affirmations and deliberate thinking instill heightened feelings of well-being and the physical body responds directly to that.

So set the intention for your physical health goals. Whatever your goal is.

Essential Oils can help alleviate symptoms, and heighten your overall wellness. Some people have even reported their symptoms or diseases have been eliminated completely. But you have to believe it will happen. Practitioners at Tree of Life and many clinical physicians will agree that if one is not ready to heal and optimistically expecting it, the process will be slowed and perhaps not prove effective long term.

To get the most out of your oils at home and in your practice, keep setting the intention.

And be aware of the safe use of essential oils in every situation, per your distributor or brand’s guidelines. And if you’re just getting started with essential oils, be sure to check out our previous post, 3 Ways to Start Using Essential Oils Today.

“One day may be different than another day. Set each day with your intention or goal. What do you want to happen that day? If a certain oil doesn’t feel right, it may not be right for you at that day or that time. Check on it at a later time. If you still choose to use it at that time, the oil will still do what it is made to do.” But setting the intention maximizes the healing effect it will have on your body and spirit.

*For Further Reading:

7 Ways You Need to be Using Lavender

Stinky athletic gear leaving your entire laundry load smelling like bad B.O.?

Allergies getting the best of you?

Skin irritations? Lack of sleep?

While Lavender may not be the end all, be all for everyone, it certainly can be a game changer for many, to alleviate some of these common complaints. At Tree of Life, we use essential oil brands Plant Therapy and Young Living to ensure that we are using high quality, potent essential oils in our wellness center, ensuring effectiveness.


Here are 7 ways lavender can enhance the wellness of you and your home.

  1. Stinky Laundry. At Tree of Life, we have made-by-hand dryer balls available for sale. These simple little things do wonders, working similarly to a softener, dryer balls can be thrown into a dryer load to lighten up, freshen, plump, and soften your clothing and linens as well as being a wonderful medium for infusing EO’s (essential oils) such as lavender to your finished laundry load. Laundry with a distinct odor such as sweaty athletic wear or kitchen towels can wash out perfectly clean with a basic non-toxic or homemade detergent and 1-2 cups of white vinegar added to the load. Finish out by dripping a few drops of pure lavender oil onto your dryer balls and popping 1-2 balls into the dryer directly with your items. Voila! This is a real stink-buster!
  2. Smelly Gym shoes. Place a few drops of lavender onto a few cotton balls and place inside your stinkiest shoes. The lavender and the cotton will help absorb the odor and give you a fresher feeling.
  3. Stress relief & focus. If you suffer from any brain fog, poor concentration, or anxiety, always check in with your body to see what needs should be addressed such as diet, stressors both mental and physical, and of course check in with your healthcare providers. There are also an array of oils that may help dispel symptoms! Lavender is definitely near the top of the list both for its affordability and gentle effectiveness for everyone of every age. Epsom salt baths with added lavender can be just the stress buster you need.
  4. Alleviating symptoms of hayfever/allergies. Allergy season is here folks. Many of us have heard of the lemon lavender and peppermint combo as the “allergy bomb”. Well, there really is something to this. Keeping this arsenal of essential oils in your handbag could really help alleviate mild to moderate hay fever symptoms. Check in with the EO protocols put out by the EO brand you are using and go from there!
  5. Morning glory - A delicious coffee and cookie breakfast at the fCulinary lavender. Have you had a spring-inspired lavender latte at a local shop or restaurant lately? Paired with other assertive flavors, a little lavender can be just the right touch to a latte or vanilla lemon zest cake… okay, where’s the nearest organic bakery! Culinary lavender can be purchased at several health food stores and herb distributors.
  6. Heightened feelings of wellbeing. There are many essential oils that help with promoting feelings of wellbeing, but lavender is perhaps the most well known. Some people respond to lavender the best, others migrate toward oils with scents that are more earthy, woody, or floral. It’s up to you and what your unique needs are! But pure oils send our mind messages that tell us things will be alright, that we are close to nature, and they can promote feelings of comfort and heighten inner insight.
  7. Acne, burns, skin irritations, insomnia. Essential oils are an incredible asset to you on your wellness journey, wherever you are at. A drop of gentle lavender can ease any inflammation or irritation of the skin and is gentle enough for everyone. It is also calming, as suggested earlier, and can help promote a quiet body and mind as you prepare to sleep.

This list could be so much longer! Here at Tree of Life, we love our essential oils and we love our lavender. Take time to stop in and chat with the practitioners at the center about uses for essential oils that may suit your needs the best! You’ll find that many of our practitioners use EOs routinely within their services, and we diffuse regularly in the center to promote peace and clean the environment to help give you the best and most meaningful experience when you enter the center.

What are your favorite ways to use lavender?